Boxer Profile: Jilles Bijlstra

Eindhoven – In build up to the Eindhoven Box Cup, the organizing committee will frequently post the profiles of participating boxers. Middleweight Jilles Bijlstra is the pride of the North and determined to bringing the Eindhoven Box Cup to Friesland!


Name: Jilles BijlstraSmilde 12-6-15 Jilles Bijlstra_n

Birthday (age): 01-11-1994 (21)

Boxing Club: Boksschool De Wâldhoek

Weight Class: -75 kg

Record: 15-16-1

Occupation: security

Hobby’s: Going out with friends

First fight (incl. result): 10-01-2010 (lost)

Titles/tournaments won: NK 2011, NNK 2011, NNK 2012

What age did you start boxing: Twelve

Why did you start boxing: I started with boxing because I was looking for something else as karate. When I began with boxing I really liked it so I didn’t stop with this beautiful sport

Tell us about your best fight: My best fight was last year in the semi finals of the championships of the north. It was a game on a high level from both sides, I lost this game, but it was a close one against an experienced opponent. What is your goal in boxing for the next five years: I will try to play a lot of game on a high level, so I can get a lot of experience, and then maybe some international experience.