Final Entry, Transport and Hotel Bookings

Eindhoven – Tomorrow is the last day of final entries. We are counting around 250 boxers in all weight and experience classes who will be coming to the Eindhoven Box Cup. If you haven’t submitted your final entry, please do so.

For all clubs that have submitted their final entry and have received an invoice for payment of the registration fees, please make sure this is paid by tomorrow. If by any cicumstances you didn’t receive the invoice and payment details, you are currently not in the position to pay, or you need any other additional information to complete the payment. Pleas contact us a.s.a.p.

For teams that are traveling by air, and are arriving on Eindhoven Airport we have a dedicated pick-up and drop off service. If you are arriving on a different airport, we can assist you in planning your arrival by public transport and arrange a pick-up from Eindhoven Railway Station.

If you want to use our pick-up service, please contact timely with all your traveling details.

All teams and all boxers need to be present Friday 13 May for accreditation and weigh-in.

Moreover, teams that would like to book a hotel we would recommend Hotel Eindhoven, also the venue of the boxing tournament. Booking details below, over 50 rooms have been booked already by Box Cup guests, so don’t wait too long making your reservation. It is not obligated to stay here:

-1 room including half board (bed, breakfast and dinner buffet): € 87.50 per person per night – for three nights total € 262.50 – € 350.00 for four nights total

-2 persons including half board (bed, breakfast and dinner buffet) € 60.00 per person per night -. 3 nights for a total of € 180.00 – € 240.00 for four nights total

-3-room including half board (bed, breakfast and dinner buffet) € 52.50 per person per night -. 3 nights for a total of € 157.50 – € 210.00 for four nights total

You need to make the hotel booking yourself.

Book by:
+31 40 211 60 33